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Curve Shot

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SECREZZ - The finesse shot is back in FIFA 19 and it once again serves the purpose of taking a highly accurate shot on goal with the sacrifice being a little bit of the power that you’ll find on a normal shot. The trade-off is that Finesse shots are a little bit harder to execute and will add a bit of curve to the shot which often does well to get around the goalie.

The finesse shot can be used in a number of different scenarios, but we’ve found that it’s a really good shot to use when you are one on one with the goalie and they are the only one between you and the goal. Since the shot uses a curve, you’re going to want to angle the player to take the shot with their dominant foot and then try to curve the ball around the goalkeeper. The finesse shot won’t look as powerful as other shots, but it can be used from a number of different distances.

PETALING JAYA: Penang footballer Mohd Faiz Subri, who won the 2016 FIFA Puskas award with a scintillating free kick goal in a Malaysian league match last year, showed that it was no fluke when he hit another spectacular bender from about 40 metres away last night.

The free kick left the crowd at the Stadium Hang Jebat in Melaka roaring in awe as soon as the ball curled its way to hit the top left corner of the goal post before rebounding towards teammate S Kumaahran who headed it into the net.

The game ended with visitors Penang defeating Melaka United 3-2 in the Super League match.

When contacted today, Faiz, 30, remained modest about his latest feat, a video of which has been gaining views on social media. “I was focussed on finding the goal when I made the shot,” he said of his kick just metres away from the field’s centre circle.

The attacking midfielder added that he intended for it to curve the way it did and had practised rigorously to perfect the art of dead ball shooting.

Asked if he felt vindicated about his talent after some sceptics had called his award-winning goal last year a fluke, Faiz said: “It is up to people and the fans to comment what they want.” #shot #football #talent #curveshot

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